Paperback Available on!

As the post title says, you can now purchase the print edition of The Sword of Adam directly from for $12.00. It’s even eligible for Amazon Prime free two-day shipping. And if you buy the hardcopy that way, the eBook edition is reduced to $0.99! A very good deal for a 450-page, can’t-put-it-down novel.

Follow this link to head over to, and while you’re there buy yourself a copy. And please rate the book honestly so other readers can enjoy it too!


The book is available for purchase immediately direct from the printer! Follow this link to order a copy:

The Amazon eBook and print editions are undergoing a review period (a necessity of which I wasn’t previously aware) but will be live in a couple days. Nonetheless, the book is out there and able to be purchased for those readers who like to hold physical books in their hands. I can say that the formatting of the print edition is much more pleasing to the eye (in my opinion) than the eBook version.

Check it out, friends!

The Countdown: T Minus 20-something Hours…

A quick update: the book is ahead of schedule for sale and should be live in the next day. It’s looking like the evening/night of Wednesday, September 23rd, will be the release time for both the print and eBook editions. For a heads up, here’s where the book can be found when it comes time:

  • eBook ($2.99):;
  • print ($12.00):,

Also, there will be a deal through Amazon where people who purchase the print edition there will be able to purchase the eBook edition for a discounted price.

See you tomorrow!

The Journey Begins…

In just a few days, the print and eBook editions of my heroic fantasy novel, The Sword of Adam, will be available for purchase! Updates will be posted here and on the book’s Facebook page,

Very few people know about this book, and so I don’t anticipate—personally—a big opening for the book’s release. (Perhaps there is more I could do in terms of getting people’s attention ahead of the release, but I’m new to the world of publishing and am not bothered by perceivable marketing “missteps,” for now.)

Nonetheless, I know that many people will come to love this book and its world and its characters. And as the book is so discovered, anticipation for its planned (two) sequels will mean more fanfare and bigger book releases down the road.

Thank you for joining me here! Don’t forget to “like” the book’s Facebook page and subscribe to this site for more updates.

J. T. Thorin